Game Sound Creator Tsutomu Narita Appears! / SEGA-ON special issue #5

2022年9月8日 - SEGA

This is “Game Music Talk Show” which we invite game music composer as a guest, and we delve deeply into
their personality and their creative aspect!
MC are Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and Tae Fujimoto, who create many game music of SEGA.

The #5 guest is Tsutomu Narita!

[Profile of Tsutomu Narita]
Composer/Arranger/Born January 14, 1984 in Hachioji, Tokyo.
He played the piano from an early age, and later played brass band, chorus, and rock band. From the age of 16, he started composing on himself.
Currently, while producing various music as a freelancer, he performs their song and lectures as their own band, “Stella Magna”

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[Profile of Takenobu Mitsuyoshi]
SEGA’s sound creator.
His representative works include “Deitona-USA”, “Shenmu 1st Chapter Yokosuka” ,”WCCF” series, etc.
He also appears on many SEGA’s game title as a voice actor, including the ninja character Kagemaru in the Virtua Fighter series (excluding VF2).

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[Profile of Tae Fujimoto]
SEGA’s sound creator and sound director.
She participated in the production of “League of Wonderland” and “Wonderland Wars”.
Currently, she is working on the production of sound for the smartphone RPG “Chain-Chronicle” and “Shin-Chronicle”.

▽ New RPG “Shin-Chronicle”