The Eternal Cylinder – Xbox Series X|S Launch

2022年10月14日 - マイクロソフト

The Eternal Cylinder has returned! Players can now buy The Eternal Cylinder natively on Xbox Series X|S. Thanks to Xbox’s Smart Delivery, any player who has the game in their library should now be receiving an automatic update!

Owners of both Series S and X will be able to play the game in stunning 4K@60fps! Series X owners will have an additional option to play the game in 1080p with ray tracing!

But graphics will not be the only thing that we are upgrading! ALL players will receive a content update that will see 2 new creatures roaming through the world as well as a new mutation that will allow you to defend yourself from the planet’s fauna and the Cylinder’s minions.

Don’t miss out on playing the most incredible and whimsical journey that has been released in many years! Buy it now at: