Session: Skate Sim | Launch Trailer

2022年9月24日 - マイクロソフト

Welcome to the golden era of 90’s skateboarding as Session: Skate Sim steps out of Xbox Game Preview and into the big leagues for our official launch.

With its unique twin stick control system, transfer weight on the board to pull off tricks as if you were skating in the real world. Don’t forget to capture it on a video and share it with the in-game video editor, after all is it really a sick trick if no one was around to see it?

Skate across various locations including Brooklyn banks (New York City), FDR Park (Philadelphia), Pier 7 and China Banks (San Francisco) and more. We’ve got an iconic roster of skaters you can play as too or create your own with gear and skateboard parts from real-world brands.

From gameplay to gear, we’re pushing absolute realism when it comes to Skateboarding, experience it for yourself now as Session: Skate Sim is available NOW on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.