Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom – Gameplay Trailer

2022年9月23日 - マイクロソフト

Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom is a history-driven, turn-based strategy, set in WW2. Take command of the Allied forces and protect your homeland from totalitarian madness. Form armies. Win battles. Change history.

You will fight across Europe, Africa, and Burma. Will you choose to spend the time on proper reconnaissance before the attack, or rely on fast and aggressive tactics? Will you use nighttime or rain to your advantage, sneaking up on enemy positions, or just complain that the weather was unfavorable? Will you help the locals or leave them to their fate?

Saving the stronghold of Democracy and Freedom in Europe from the totalitarian oppression of the Axis powers lies in your hands.

Become a war hero on Xbox One (with Xbox Series X|S compatibility) in Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom – available today!