ISEKAI Memories - Video Message from the Producer!

2022年3月25日 - バンダイナムコ

On 3/29/2022, a special Video Message from the Producer aimed at international version players will premiere!
Producer Onishi will be answering questions our Chancellors previously asked about on Facebook!
Plus, he’ll be revealing details on upcoming events starting from 3/30 and on, as well as certain special, not-to-be-missed contents to be added soon!

The video will have English subtitles, and additional subtitles in Traditional Chinese and Korean will be available via YouTube’s caption function.
본 영상은 영어로 표시되지만, YouTube의 자막 기능을 사용하여 중국어 번체, 한글 자막으로 시청하실 수 있습니다.

<That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: ISEKAI Memories>
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・Q&A portion from the Japanese livestream

・Q&A from user survey

<關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事 魔王與龍的建國譚>



<전생했더니 슬라임이었던 건에 대하여 마왕과 용의 건국담>
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